V150 - side slit container, volume 150cc

V310 - container, volume 310cc

35F - side slit container, volume 285cc

PB3 - planter bag, volume 1.5L

PB5 - planter bag, volume 2.5L

PB6.5 - planter bag, volume 3.9L

PB8 - planter bag, volume 4.5L

PB28 - planter bag, volume 16L

PB40 - planter bag, volume 26L

1L - one litre pot

2L - two litre pot

5L - five litre pot

35L - 35L litre easi-lift bag

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Hebe salicifolia 'Snowcap'

Category: Native Shrubs

Koromiko. Abundant white flowers in late summer.

Zones: Coastal Zone Intermediate Zone Inland Zone

Soil Dampness: Well-drained Soil Damp Soil

Sunlight: Open Sunlight

Site Conditions: Frost-hardy Exposed Sites

Other attributes: Evergreen Shelter

Mature Height: 2-3m

Approx. Height When Sold: 25cm


Price: $4.10 + GST
(Quantity: 10, Price: $3.50 + GST)

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  • Hebe salicifolia 'Snowcap' flowers

    Hebe salicifolia 'Snowcap' flowers

  • Hebe salicifolia 'Snowcap' mature plant

    Hebe salicifolia 'Snowcap' mature plant

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