V150 - side slit container, volume 150cc

V310 - container, volume 310cc

35F - side slit container, volume 285cc

PB3 - planter bag, volume 1.5L

PB5 - planter bag, volume 2.5L

PB6.5 - planter bag, volume 3.9L

PB8 - planter bag, volume 4.5L

PB28 - planter bag, volume 16L

PB40 - planter bag, volume 26L

1L - one litre pot

2L - two litre pot

5L - five litre pot

35L - 35L litre easi-lift bag

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Freight and Plant Grade Information

Here is some information to help you get the best value for money from your freight cost.

The size of plants available varies from the smallest V150 grade to PB5 grade and larger.

The following table is an approximate guide as to how many plants will fit in a standard carton.

Most orders are made up of a mix of plant grades.

Plant GradeNumber per carton
V150 100
V310 75
1L 20
PB3 12
PB5 or 2L or 2.5L 8
PB6.5 6

There is also the option of a small parcel up to 2kg which hold around 10 x V150 grade plants and a medium parcel up to 5kg which can hold around 20 x V150 plants.

Our courier of choice is Fastway Couriers who deliver to cities and towns but not rural delivery addresses.

Rural delivery incurs an extra charge of $4.45 per carton and will be delivered by your RD mailperson.

V150 and V310 grade plants are taken out of their trays and packed into plastic bags and will keep for 2 weeks  in a cool place with enough water added to maintain a moist root system.